Organizing an exciting online team building for your employees

Each of our events is completely individual. We can brand, customize the game and add questions tailored to your company's business!
ESpecially for you
We have a huge number of different topics and types of questions (from musical rock songs to puzzles and logic questions), which means the game will be interesting to all your employees - from IT people to representatives of creative professions.
Team spirit
Make up a game by adding questions about your new and old employees, allowing colleagues to get to know each other better!
Investing in the team matters
We know how to introduce employees to each other, gently encourage communication and increase engagement. After this introduction, the efficiency of each employee in the company increases by an average of 56%.
56% – increasing productivity
68% – reduce the risk of falling turnover
SMARTY unites employees to achieve their goals, teaches them to solve problems quickly, to find solutions to confusing situations together, and most importantly, to listen and hear each other. Because of this, employee stagnation is reduced by an average of 68%.
5200$ – annual savings per employee
We adapt and customize the game for your business; establish communication within work groups; unite your employees into a single team; remind you of the company values. As a result: a 56% increase in efficiency of each employee + improved communication and team cohesion = $5,200 annual savings per employee.
Our database of questions includes more than 100 different topics:
And a lot more. We individually select the questions, which means the game will be interesting to all your employees - from IT specialists to representatives of creative professions.
Questions 18+
Musical questions
Logic questions
Encrypted books, movies and TV series
Questions about cities and countries
What's common?
How it all happens:
Participants in the game receive a link to the broadcast in the ZOOM app.
In ZOOM, everyone is greeted by the host and moderators and told the rules of the game.
Then the moderator divides the participants into teams and assigns them to session rooms within ZOOM, where the game will take place. That is, you do not need any additional devices, messengers, etc.
The captain of each team connects
to our game platform.
Game on! Each team has a presenter on the screen showing a question, followed by a timer. Team members discuss their answers and write them down.
And yes - our questions are not googled (otherwise not interesting)!
We are trusted by the largest companies
Let's make your online team building unforgettable
SMARTY online starts at 20€/player, but not less than 1250€ per game.

The price includes the game, moderators, customization, branding, questions tailored to the company's business, video with the brightest moments of the game!

*If you have a team of up to 20 people - please let us know and we will make a discount.

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